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Studio Policy

Ayanthi Anandagoda

November 2019

The studio accepts piano students in 2020 on the following terms and conditions only:

Tuition; Offered 4 terms a year as per the Victoria school term schedule. Holiday lessons are available and optional. Students and parents will be advised of teacher availability ahead of holiday periods and lessons are to be confirmed closer to the beginning of the holidays.

Fees; Lesson fees may be paid monthly or per term. Lessons are expected to be consistent, together with the practicing of the instrument at home. Any missed lesson due to non-attendance or inadequate notice will be charged for, with no make up lessons in place.

Weekly time slots and make up lessons; Your chosen lesson time during the week is fixed for an entire term. Any changes will be at the discretion of the teacher based on availability. Lessons missed due to family activities, holidays, camp, work commitments, illness and other family emergencies are limited to 2 lessons per term on the premise that make up lessons are organised in communication with the teacher in accordance with availability on the schedule. Any International travels during a term is to be communicated early at the beginning each term to accommodate minimum schedule slippage.

Instrument and Practice; It is the responsibility of the parents and students to ensure the availability of an instrument at student home or elsewhere with a reasonable schedule for practice as communicated by the teacher.

Examinations; Students will not be enrolled for examinations unless in the teacher’s opinion, a level of proficiency necessary for the exam is reached. Please note that this is done at the complete discretion of the teacher - while the consent to submit students for any exams at all, will rest on parents.
Casual tuition; offered at $10 above the standard rate and will be offered at the discretion of the teacher.

Please note that this policy is in accordance with other music schools and organisations.

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